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Core Values:

Respect, Passion & Excellence

Fast Facts about The Club

2012, 2013 & 2018 Volunteer Club of the Year

2013 and 2015 Club of the Year

2018 Queen's Park Shield Winners

11 Promotions Since 2011

3 Conference Cup Wins since 2011

5 Men and 6 Women Athletes Called up to the Scottish University Team since 2018






Recent Accolades:

200 Members

6 Competitive Men's Teams

3 Competitive Women's Teams

1 Men's Amateur Squad

1 Men's Development Squad

1 Women's Develoment Squad

10 Paid Members of Staff


The Club consists of:

University of St Andrews Football Club

Our Legacy. Be Remembered.

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Director of Football


                                            Position                                            Name                                        Elected                                                                 Contact

                                        Women's President                          Katie Nelson                                 2018                                                   KEN4@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK








                                       Men's  President                              Sami Azam-Ali                               2019                                                   SSAA@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK










                                      Women's Vice-President                 Molly Carlough                               2019                                                     MGC5@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK











                                    Men's Vice-President                         Tom Grant                                    2019                                                 TAG22@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK










                                     Women Treasurer                            Rebecca Clunie                              2019                                                RMC27@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK










                                     Men's Treasurer                               Will McIlveen                                  2019                                                  WM47@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK











                                    Marketing Representatives             Natalie Kelley                                 2019                                                NRK@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK











                                                                                           Nicholas Warren                            2019                                                  NW50@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK











                                                                                          Daniel Boulton-Jones                      2019                                                  JDBJ@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK









                                    Media Representatives                    Meredith Ferneau                          2019                                                  MCF5@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK












                                                                                             Daniel Ross                                    2019                                                  DR95@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK









                                    Social Representatives                   Niamh Grady                                   2019                                                  NEG5@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK










                                                                                            Diala Talaat                                     2019                                                  DST2@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK










                                                                                            Daniel Cohen                                  2019                                                  DJC25@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK










                           Tour Representatives                                 Eva Snaith                                     2019                                               EMS25@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK










                                                                                             Jono Mizrahi                                  2019                                                JM412@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK                          






Meet the Committee

Meet the Staff

The programme is run by the full time Director of Football,  Stuart Milne, who has been in post since January 2011.

Stuart was the first to hold such a position in UK university sport and came to St Andrews after ten years coaching experience, working in academy programmes at East Fife and Raith Rovers Football Clubs. Stuart also worked in community programmes for the Scottish FA and Dunfermline Athletic Football Club.


Since his time with Saints Football, Stuart has seen the club grow dramatically on and off the pitch, whilst simultaneously delivering a sustained level of success from a performance perspective.


Stuart is a UEFA A and UEFA Youth Elite License certified coach through the Scottish Football Association Coach Education pathway. He is also a level one Coach Education Tutor with the Scottish Football Association. He is supported in the running of the football programme by several dedicated coaches employed to a UEFA certified standard and a student committee.

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