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University of St Andrews Football Club

Fife Squad

The Performance Football Programme does not just have teams that compete in BUCS. For a long time the University has had at least one, sometimes as many as three teams competing in amateur football in Fife. In 2017 the two amateur football associations merged to form the Kingdom of Fife Amatuer Football Association to govern all amatuer football in Fife. The University team currently plays in the Championship league (2017/18) as well as other cup competitons. The squad for the amatuer team is made up of players from squads 2-6 who commit regularly to playing.


Players train in their BUCS squads twice a week throughout BUCS season. Once the BUCS programme finishes in March, the amateur squad then come together to train twice a week:


Monday 7-8.30pm


Thursday 6-7.30pm


Training Schedule

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