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Graeme Hart

Women's 1st Team Coach

Coaching qualifications: 

UEFA B License, SFA C License


Coaching Experience: 

3 years with St Mirren FC Youth Academy, 1 year with Hamilton FC, 1 year with Dundee FC and 2 years with Dundee United FC (Community Programmes), 1 year with AM Soccerclub and into my 4th season as women's 1st team coach at St Andrews University


Coaching idol, why, and how have they shaped your coaching:

"I actually have two, the first is Jose Mourinho for his charisma and belief he is the best and the way he believes in his players no matter the situation. I believe that as a coach or manager of a team your players must know how much you believe in them and will back them no matter what. Mourinho is the best at doing that. My other idol is Pep Guardiola as I can not think of any other coach who has revolutionised football the way he did. His famous tika taka football is now used all over the world and a large amount of coaches are now trying to play the same way. He completely transformed football during the 00s and his style of play in my opinion is the way players playing the game will enjoy more".


What you enjoy about coaching:

"I actually enjoy listening and learning from other coaches which results in becoming better but the best thing is when you work on something in training or keep emphasising how important doing one thing is and then in a game it comes off. As a coach there is no better feeling! Another major factor is when faced with a difficult situation in a game where you need to make a decision to either come from behind or protect a lead and you get the end result which is a great feeling. As a manager this is what it is about during games, making big decisions and when they come off it is great. For me, when things don't come off I challenge myself to find out why and then learn from mistakes made".


Phil Mcguire

Men's 1st Team Coach

Coaching qualifications: 

UEFA A Licence , UEFA B Licence, LMA Football Management


Coaching Experience: 

St Andrews Utd – Manager, Aberdeen FC – Youth Academy U19s – 17s , Dundee FC – Youth Academy, Inverness, FC – Youth Academy U19s, Jeanfield Swifts – Assistant Manager


Coaching idol, why, and how have they shaped your coaching:

"Too many to mention, I have used past professional experiences with managers and what I liked and disliked both from technical, and man-management styles. This I have adapted and developed for my own style of training and management.

In recent times I like to read or watch as much as possible training sessions, games and books from coaches like Pep Guardiola and Diego Simeone. I like their methods and how they adapted and evolved in the modern game. ".


What you enjoy about coaching:

"I get most satisfaction from the training sessions and working with a purpose towards the end goal of a match day victory. The players being together as a team and striving to learn every time."

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Claire Scott

Women's 2nd Team Coach

Coaching qualifications: 

SFA Courses 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, SFA C License


Coaching Experience: 

This will now be my 2nd year coaching the Womens 2nd team. Prior to coaching the W2s most of my coaching experience has been within youth coaching and Youth Regional Selection Programmes in the Highlands and Islands.


Coaching idol, why, and how have they shaped your coaching:

Shelley Kerr Scotland Womens National Team Head Coach: Shelley became the first female manager in British men's senior football in 2014 when she was appointed manager of Stirling University.  In 2017 she was appointed the National Womens team manager and you can already see the difference in the style of play. Arrestive, positive, and desire to win had given women’s football such a boost. The Scotland Womens national squad have outperformed the men and have qualified for the Womens World Cup in 2019! Of the back of the national success driven by Kerr and her coaching team, The Scottish Government has provided funding that will allow the Scotland’s Women’s National Team to train full-time in the lead up to FIFAWWC 2019. What an inspiration to young girls in the game all over the country and from a coaching perspective that opportunity is growing for female coaches in the Womens game. Exciting times ahead!


As a Manchester United fan I grew up watching Fergie dominate the English Premiership and produce some of the world’s best players! Sir Alex Ferguson's sides were always distinctly 'Scottish' in temperament, aggressive, dominant and resilient, never giving up, regardless of the game situation. I try and replicate these characteristics in training sessions and on game days.


What you enjoy about coaching:

I love football, and I do miss playing, however due to injury I had to hang up my boots! Through coaching I can still be involved with the sport I grew up playing, watching and loving. I enjoy seeing individuals grow in confidence, grow technically and seeing elements of play worked on at training session being utilised in games.  And the players and people I get to work with make it really enjoyable too!


Scott Wallace

Men's 2nd Team Coach


Olivia Blair

Women's 3rd Team Coach


Coaching Qualifications: UEFA C License, SFA Early Touches, Coaching Young Footballers; Coaching in the Game; Development Activities; Coaching Footballers 13+; Disability Awareness in Sport


Coaching Experience: Girls coach, Breadalbane and Strathtay Youth Football Club; Lead Coach St Andrews & East Neuk Community Football Club; 2nd semester as St Andrews University Women’s 3rd team coach


Coaching idol, why, and how have they shaped your coaching:

"Don’t really have one – I think coaching is a constantly evolving role and you pick up ideas and styles from so many different people. I’ve come to coaching later in life and have learned a huge amount over the last few months from the other university coaches; earlier on in my career I was lucky enough to work in a different capacity with Sir Alex Ferguson and Glenn Hoddle; Ferguson’s record speaks for itself but I love the way he knew his players so well off the pitch that he could get the best from them on the pitch; he basically created a dynasty of winners with that philosophy. Hoddle had and still has such tactical nous and the way he dissected the game was fascinating. Currently I love the way Jurgen Klopp coaches – with a smile on his face - players obviously love playing for him and you can’t ask for more than that. I also have admiration for the former England women’s national coach Hope Powell who did so much to progress the women’s game between 1998 and 2013."


What you enjoy about coaching: 

"I love working with a group of players and seeing them progress, both in terms of confidence and ability – the two often go hand in hand. There is nothing better than seeing something you have worked on in training with an individual or a group of players, come off in a match, and seeing the belief among those players. You really feel you have done your job and made a difference. I really enjoy the planning aspect of a training session – there is so much information out there that can be used or adapted for you to put your mark as a coach on your own session. And obviously nothing beats that winning feeling - but to me football is also about doing things in style, with a flourish – football is entertainment after all."

Conor McRitchie

Men's 4th Team Coach

Coaching qualifications: 1.1 development activities, 1.2 coaching footballers 13+, 1.3 coaching in the game, Bsc Hons degree in Sports Coaching and Development.


Coaching Experience: Worked with various classes in Fife Leisure and Cultire, DFC in the Community, and active schools Dundee, various teams within DSMFL, head coach of Abertay University men’s 2’s season 2017-2018


Coaching idol, why, and how have they shaped your coaching:

I wouldn’t say I have a single coaching idol per say. I like to look at a variety of different styles and implements and choose what I like to create my own style. I very much look to do things my own unique way by using advice and inspiration from different levels of coaching. I’m sure I will be able to further this by taking ideas from the incredibly talented and experienced coaching staff already in place at St. Andrew


What you enjoy about coaching:

For me, coaching is the next best thing to playing, perhaps even more enjoyable . It is great to test your own knowledge of a game with the group you are working with, and even better so to see your ideas come off in a game situation. I have been lucky to work with some fantastic groups, and it is great to see their enjoyment and love of the game when playing or training, and of course it is very enjoyable when you win together as a group!



James Fitzpatrick

Men's 5th Team Coach

Coaching Qualifications:   UEFA C License / SFA Coaching Level 1/ PFSA Level 2 Scouting qualification


Coaching Experience:  Dundee West under-13 girls

                                        Newport FC

                                        Madras College fourth year football team (2 years)

                                        Madras College senior football team (1 year)


Coaching idol, why, and how have they shaped your coaching:

"My coaching idol, growing up a rangers fan, has been Walter Smith. How he had his team playing, and the success he gained has inspired to be like him. Other coaches such as Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger, who have all brought there own unique style to the game, have all encouraged me to be better and improve. A coach from my youth, Billy Sorrie, is another inspiration for me, and the way that he coached me and how he styled his football has inspired my own coaching style."


What you enjoy about coaching:

"In coaching, I enjoy being able to learn from the players, and always enjoy the thrill of when you’re team is playing well, and you can see that they are improving every week. I also enjoy working with a wide range of players both in age and ability, and love gaining insight into how different players work, and the excitement that different players can bring to the game. Another aspect is the success you can get from matches, and being able to see something that you have worked on during training, adapt and work in a game fills me with an enormous sense of pride and joy."

Sam Okide

Men's 1st Team Assistant Coach

Coaching Qualifications: SFA C Licence, Coaching in the game, Coaching footballers 13+, Development activities


Coaching Experience:   I started out at Lusitanos Oxford, then moved back to Dundee mid 2017 where I coached in the DSMFL, with Sidlaw Albion. Earlier this year, I also coached with Street League Dundee which involved more community based coaching


Coaching idol, why, and how have they shaped your coaching:

I will say Jose Morihno for the early stages of my coaching career. I love his tactical awareness and his analysis of other teams and the way he motivates his players to win and develop further. More recently I have been watching Diego Simeone, I admire his tenacity and his drive and the way he motivates and develops so called “underdogs” to become champions. I couldn’t end without mentioning Pep Guardiola as I like his playing philosophy and and he encourages his players to make use of the whole pitch and be in control of the game. To me he also modernised possession-based football to include a lot of penetration and drive.


What you enjoy about coaching:

I enjoy the whole process of football development. Coming out to the pitch and seeing players exhibit so much passion and drive to compete and be better players. I also enjoy seeing my players improve technically and tactically and most of all there is no better feeling that coming out to work with players who share my passion for the game.




Coaching Qualifications:  

SFA Goalkeeping license

SFA Goalkeeping Intermediate Certificate

SFA Goalkeeping Certificate

Sports Psychology Diploma



Coaching Experience:

An SFA Qualified Goalkeeping coach since 2005, I have worked from youth to Elite level coaching positions at Dundee F.C., Raith Rovers F.C. and the Scottish Women’s National Team.



Coaching idol, why, and how have they shaped your coaching:

There are not many Goalkeeping coaches to observe, so no coaching idol as such, but I have been lucky enough to have worked under many managers including Craig Levien, John McGlynn, Ray McKinnon, John Hughes, Gary Locke and Anna Signeul. I think i have managed to take something from all of them.



What you enjoy about coaching:

The real and obvious enjoyment as a coach is to see your players improve.

I like the fact that there is no definitive way of getting your ideas and points across to your goalkeepers. What worked with one goalkeeper is not guaranteed to work with another, so, as a coach you are constantly being tested as to how to structure your sessions, and how you communicate your ideas to your goalkeepers.


Wayne Henderson

Head Goalkeeping Coach


Aaron Reid

Assistant Goalkeeping Coach

Coaching Qualifications:  

Goalkeeping Level 1, Goalkeeping Level 2, Children’s Wellbeing in Scottish football, Development Activities, Early Touches, Scottish FA 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 Coaching Awards


Coaching Experience: 

Assistant coach at AMC’s Goalkeeping Academy delivering sessions to children aged 7 to 16

Leuchars Primary School Coach

St Andrews Community Girls Team Goalkeeping Coach

Lochee Albion Head Coach


Coaching idol, why, and how have they shaped your coaching:

"My idols have to be those I have worked under and had the pleasure of learning directly from and have an immense respect for.

Stuart Milne for his career and all the hard work and achievements he has put into his work

Phillip McGuire for his professionalism and his man management

Andrew Collier my first goalkeeping coach and also the man who gave me my first coaching role his knowledge of goalkeeping is second to none and its always a great experience to learn from him".


What you enjoy about coaching:  

"Probably the vast amounts of people you can work with and get the chance to meet from coaching. I’m only 19 but have been able to meet current and former professional players and coaches. Being able to coach boys and girls of all ages and had the opportunity to coach disabled children. The knowledge and experience you can get from all these different characters is fantastic and really helps me in the constant growth that is needed for everyone in football to develop his or her own game".

Claire Tracey

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Coaching Qualifications:

Masters in Strength & Conditioning, UKSCA Accredited


Coaching Experience: 

Worked as a S&C coach for around 8 years now, I also work with 2 Great British Fencers, and I have previously coached for Sportscotland Institute of Sport, Glasgow Warriors (intern), Spartans Women F.C., and Hamilton Accies F.C. (intern) to name a few.



Coaching idol, why, and how have they shaped your coaching:  

No particular coaching idol, but my mentor Gil Stevenson has been a huge influence, along with Stuart Yule from Glasgow Warriors and Mike Stone, a huge name in the S&C industry. But there are many other names I could list here.




What you enjoy about coaching:

I thoroughly enjoy seeing people achieve their goals and watching them along this journey. I also love the relationships you can build with the athletes involved.


Darren Hunter

Men's Sixth Team Coach

Coaching Qualifications: 

SFA 1.1 Early touches, HND Coaching and Developing Sport, HNC Coaching and Developing Sport, SVQ Activity Leader Award.


Coaching Experience: 

Various Amateur teams (DSMFL), Assistant coach at DUSC and Douglas Lads YC (Both at under 11s), Coaching placements through College Courses and Leisure and Culture Coach (Basic Moves)


Coaching idol, why, and how have they shaped your coaching:

 "I don’t really have an idol as such as I think every coach brings something different to their teams so I would generally take bits and pieces from coaches that I like, then take it into my own coaching. Although I don’t have an idol there are a few coaches who I have admired what they have done in their coaching careers.


I'm a big fan of Italian football so I particularly admire coaches such as Antonio Conte, Carlo Ancelotti and Arrigo Sacchi. I admire Antonio Conte for the passion and enthusiasm he brings to his coaching. He also has a great ability to get players to play for him which has helped him be so successful. Carlo Ancelotti for the success he has had in different countries outside Italy which requires a high level of management. Although Arrigo Sacchi was before my time, I'm aware of how he revolutionised football in the 80's. His methods and styles have been successfully emulated by modern coaches such as Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola.


Out with the Italian coaches, I also admire coaches such as Diego Simeone and Jurgen Klopp. Simeone for the immense detail and Organization he has with his teams. Klopp for his passion for football and his manner with his players. ".


What you enjoy about coaching:

"I enjoy being able to coach players and seeing them improving individually and collectively. I also enjoy seeing aspects of the game I have worked on at training sessions coming to fruition in games as it shows that the players are buying into my sessions. I also enjoy looking at tactical challenges for my team and how I can help them overcome these problems. But the best thing about coaching is winning! Nothing feels better than being the coach of a winning side at the end of a game.".


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stuart circle

Director of Football

Stuart Milne

Coaching qualifications: 

UEFA Youth Elite License (2017), UEFA A License (2015), UEFA B License (2013), UEFA C License, SFA Youth Award (Level 4), SFA Children's Award (level 4), SFA Goalkeepers... Intermediate Award, BA Honours in Sports Studies (Stirling University)


Coaching Experience: 

Director of Football since 2011, Dundee United FC Youth Academy, East Fife FC Youth Academy, Raith Rovers FC Youth Academy, SFA Regional Development Squads (boys), SFA Regional Squad (girls), Dunfermline Athletic FC & SFA (community programmes)


Coaching idol, why, and how have they shaped your coaching:

"I am fortunate enough to have grown up during a period of time where there has been so many top coaches. In light of this I have tried to take abit of everything. I am a huge admirer of Pep Guardiola and the way in which he likes his team to play. Jose Mourinho for his charisma but more so the way he gets results. His gameplan's are amongst the best around and his success in different countries shows he's a top coach. I have a lot of time for Brendan Rodgers aswell, his ideas, his methods but not only that but the way in which he tries to build a team and a club".


What you enjoy about coaching:

"I love the challenge of working with players to make them better. If you can make players better you have succeeded in doing your job as a coach. For me there is nothing better than seeing something you have worked on the training pitch come off in a match. I really enjoy the detail of the game, tactics especially and how they are worked on in training to take into matches. Finally I love the challenge of bettering myself as a coach".

University of St Andrews Football Club

Our Legacy. Be Remembered.

white crest scott walla

Coaching Qualifications:

Children's 1.1 1.2, Youths 1.1 1.2 1.3 , C- Licence, Children's Award, Advanced Children's Licence (awaiting a component)


Coaching Experience:

I am currently in my 3rd season with St Andrews United. I coached with Bayside Ladies for a season. For the past 4 years I have coached within the East Fife youth set up, taking Performance sessions weekly, and taking the Community Programmes in Schools. I also assist in the SFA School of Football Programme.


Coaching idol, why, and how they have shaped your coahcing:

Growing up my dad always watched Manchester United so I always ended up watching him shout at the TV not near as much as seeing Sir Alex Ferguson shout at his players. From pointing at his watch and chewing his gum furiously. I would have to say he's the one big named coach I've always admired and looked up to. Seeing them win multiple games with no where near their full squad and getting the best from every player, always intrigued me. His man management of players, staff and fans has always been something I've admired and tried to replicate. Second would have to be Gary Naismith, being so close to home and seeing how he carried himself on match days and at training was great to see, always professional & organised. Watching how he was in training demanding the best from his players again has always been something i've tried to demand from the players I coach.


What you enjoy about coaching:

I enjoy the build up to a game. The endless shapes and formations we can play, the challenge of picking a winning team. The conversations that only happen in the dressing room. Getting to work with different types of people that all have different needs and shaping sessions around these needs is a challenge I have always enjoyed. Winning, I enjoy the buzz everyone gets from winning.

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