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Season 2016/17


21.09.2016 - Saints 1s 0-2 Dundee United Ladies

24.09.2016 - Saints 1s 0-6 Edinburgh 1s

28.09.2016 - Saints 1s 5-1 Dundee College

05.10.2016 - Saints 1s 3-2 Glasgow 1s

12.10.2016 - Saints 1s 0-3 Edinburgh 1s

19.10.2016 - Saints 1s 5-0 Edinburgh 2s

26.10.2016 - Saints 1s 10-1 RGU 1s

02.11.2016 - Saints 1s 9-0 RGU 1s

09.11.2016 - Saints 1s 2-0 Glasgow 1s

16.11.2016 - Saints 1s 0-6 Edinburgh 1s

23.11.2016 - Saints 1s 3-1 Manchester

30.11.2016 - Saints 1s 0-5 Stirling 1s

25.01.2017 - Saints 1s 5-1 Dundee 1s

01.02.2017 - Saints 1s 0-2 Edinburgh 2s

08.02.2017 - Saints 1s 1-9 Stirling 1s

15.02.2017 - Saints 1s 2-1 Central Lancashire

22.02.2017 - Saints 1s 0-5 Edinburgh 1s

08.03.2017 - Saints 1s 15-1 Glasgow College

29.03.2017 - Saints 1 0-3 Aberdeen 1s








Season 2016/17


Monday: 7:00-8:30 AM Training (3G Pitch)


Tuesday: 17:30-18:00 Tactical Meeting

18:15-1900 Strength and Conditioning

19:00-19:45 Training (Tactical/3G Pitch)


Wednesday: Match day


Friday: 17:00-18:30 Training (3G Pitch)

19:00-20:00 Strength and Conditioning




The Women’s first team competes in the top league in Scotland, BUCS 1A. They also travel all around the UK for cup games and compete and succeed against the top teams in Scotland. They were promoted to the top league in 2014 after being promoted from BUCS 2A, a season in which they won every match and did so without conceding a single goal. The first team programme is intense as they will train most days every week creating a driven and focused environment on the pitch. This environment is quite time demanding, but in order to take the team to the next level it is the way forward. With the recent league and cup winnings, the club is proud to be able to recognise the women’s first team as one of the most successful teams in university sport. Playing for the women’s first team is the pinnacle of the women’s player pathway and in recent years we have attracted a high calibre of player from all over the world. The Club welcomes more players like this to help meet our plans going forward.

BUCS 2017-2018 Scottish 1A

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