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Season 2016/17


28.09.2016 - Saints 2s 2-2 Dundee 1s

05.10.2016 - Saints 2s 0-1 Sitrling 2s

12.10.2016 - Saints 2s 1-1 Strathclyde 1s

26.10.2016 - Saints 2s 0-5 Aberdeen 1s

02.11.2016 - Saints 2s 2-3 Heriot Watt 1s

16.11.2016 - Saints 2s 0-3 Stirling 2s

23.11.2016 - Saints 2s 5-3 Strathclyde 1s

01.02.2017 - Saints 2s 3-0 D&A

08.02.2017 - Saints 2s 2-4 D&A

15.02.2017 - Saints 2s 2-2 Aberdeen

01.03.2017 - Saints 2s 2-8 Dundee 1s








Season 2016/17


Monday: 17:00-18:00 Fitness in Sports Arena


Tuesday: 19:45-21:00 Training (3G Pitch)


Wednesday: Match day


Friday: 17:00-18:30 Training (3G Pitch)




The Women’s second team currently competes in the BUCS 2A League and other league and cup competitions. Since the creation of the second te four years ago, their growth as a team has been significant through the educated coaching they receive weekly. Season 2013/14 saw them promoted from BUCS 3A as league winners and now have a strong current position in our current league (2A). Our training schedule is demanding so that the team gets the best out of its players as often as possible. When on the pitch the players have a high drive and competitive spirit that, along with the technical talent, has gotten them to where they are today. The club is always looking for new players to join the programme to help expand the deep pool of talent that already exists.

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